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The construction of gingerhenge begins.

One of the many druids who are to populate our monument.

A local heathen, who is not to be involved in the creation of gingerhenge, and will most likely be eaten once baked. As you can see, he is not all that happy about the prospect.

The professor engages in some scholarly research on the placement of the stones.

The graduate student and the postdoc do some calculations about the positioning of the monument.

The druids confer.

Some small farm animals to be sacrificed on the altar.

Some celestial bodies for the druids to worship.

The monument is nearly complete!

The monument is aligned with the moon.

The druids gather round the altar to worship.

The moon shines through the stones at exactly the right angle, thanks to the calculations of the scientists!

The local heathen tries to escape on his horse, but is thwarted.

The monument is destroyed by the cruel hand of hunger... I mean, fate.